With the advancement of technology, Tesla considers itself as a hero of all-electric cars. It demands fast-charging stations and the latest technology for its better performance. Tesla is popular and upcoming electric cars all over the world. There are several maintenance tips you should consider while dealing with Tesla vehicles.

The Tesla experts continuously recommended some maintenance tips for better performance, reliability, safety, and other qualities of your tesla vehicle. There are several benefits of tesla vehicles such as no conventional oil change, replacement of brake pad problems in Tesla vehicles. Along with these benefits, it reduces the wear and tear on brakes.

To check the detailed car maintenance tips, you can verify your car manual that is especially recommended by the Tesla Mechanics and Experts. Some of the tips are mentioned below for your help.

1) Cabin Air Filter
The role of cabin air filters is to prevent road dust, unnecessary fall-outs, fallen leaves, etc. from the entry point through the vessel. It causes problems to the performance of the car. It is recommended by the Tesla Experts to replace the cabin air filter after every 2 years. Also, you should check it frequently by yourself as well as auto service centers to avoid major problems in your cars.

2) Brake Fluid Test
If the level of the fluid fuel isn’t enough, you need to add proper brake fluid to your Tesla. It is recommended to check the brake fluid and inspect the color of the fluid by injecting it out. If the color of the fluid is dark, it is necessary to go to the mechanic for the repair and check-up.

3) Air Conditioning Services
The air conditioning services vary with the Tesla Model. They require two years, four years, and six years for Model S, Model X and Y, and Model 3 simultaneously. Maintaining the air condition enhances its longevity and performance and saves high charges on servicing.

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