Let’s get started with why the world needs decentralized applications!

The centralized servers and governance are prone to potential hacks, corruption, and other counterfeit attacks. Moreover, managing the centralized systems becomes tedious and it is hectic to avoid single-point failures. Hence, the technologists came with the idea of decentralizing applications with intense technology. Here came the blockchain technology with DApp. However, it’s recommended to approach a Blockchain DApp development company to built a customized application for your enterprise as it is a completely new technology.

In this blog post, let’s learn about blockchain DApps and their types!

A gist on blockchain DApps!

A blockchain DApp is software that is built on top of the blockchain framework and it mimics the traditional mobile apps in the front end and the difference is marked by its backend decentralized technology. In the open-source application, every network peer must participate in its governance and other processes. The DApps are maintained by the blockchain developers and the support team to render complete reliability. DApp transactions are P2P and hence the transactions are quick, reliable, and economical.

Dapps inherit the features of blockchain technology such as transparency, immutability, traceability, tamper-proof, and privacy of participants. The basic pre-requisite for building a DApp is it must operate autonomously and as an open-source platform. The DApps must adhere to the community’s consensus goals and must generate tokens to reward the miner nodes.

Now, let’s take a look at the types of DApps!

Types of DApps

DApps are categorized into three major types.

Type: I

Blockchain DApp built from scratch with large scale utility purposes. These are apps that are built for specific purposes and transactions. These DApps have their native blockchain platform. All the cryptocurrencies fall into this category.

Type: II

In type II DApp, tokens do not have a native blockchain network. They utilize other open-source blockchain platforms to perform operations.

Type: III

Type III DApps are operational applications that can be utilized by enterprises and the tokens accessing the application are integrated through plug-in or extensions.

Wrapping up!

The major DApps built by enterprises are functional applications or Type III. Type I needs proper planning, expert resources, huge capital investment, and other pre-requisites. Type II and Type III applications are practical and for mass adoption. If you are looking to couple up with a blockchain DApp development company, do check out our features and services on our page!