What is Quickbooks sync manager?

Quickbooks sync manager is a feature that is used for the synchronization of a company's data.

However, Due to the QB sync manager error, a user might not be able to even access the software itself.

Before we move on to how to fix this type of error let's look at its cause and why it happens.

First, let's look at its type as it has more than one form in which this error can present itself to the user, due to improper internet connection you might also face QuickBooks error 12029.

Quickbooks Sync Manager Error.

  • Quickbooks sync error 5_13944.
  • Quickbooks sync error 17_7118.
  • Quickbooks sync error 17_7300.
  • Quickbooks 2014 Sync Manager error.

Quickbooks sync error 5_13944.

It mainly occurs due to network failure or malfunction during transferring the data.

It might also happen due to entrance denial by the firewall to the main server.

Quickbooks sync error 17_7118.

It occurs if the file is moved to another location or can't be read by a disk which causes the user to have access to files.

Quickbooks sync error 17_7300.

It happens when a user is trying to write any downloaded file to Quickbook company file.

Quickbooks 2014 Sync manager error.

This error occurs due to the deletion or corruption of program files in the sync manager itself.

Solutions to resolve the Quickbooks sync manager error.

These Mentioned errors can be resolved with the following methods.

  1. Try changing the name of the sync manager folder to SyncManager.Old then restart the software.
  2. Try deleting files SBConnect.crt under C:\Program Data\Intuit\Sync Manager & then resync data again.
  3. Try reinstalling the Quickbooks Software after changing the name of the folder in C-Drive.
  4. Try the following steps after signing out Quickbooks application > Help menu > Manage Data Sync > Intuit Sync Manager > Reset Data. Then sign back in sync manager.
  5. Also, Users can try Updating the Quickbooks software.


This error mainly occurs while you are trying to use sync manager in the Quickbooks desktop app which only happens if the app is not up to date, or if there is some network issue while data transfer, or if the main file that a user is trying to sync is corrupt or missing, another similar error can be QB errors 15270.

The solution provided above can be used to solve this error and even if the problem still persists try contacting the support team of Quickbooks for further instruction to resolve this issue.