It is difficult to imagine testing of mobile app without automation. If you really want to take advantage of frequent launches and quick launches, automated testing is very very important.

But you need some of the best mobile testing tools or systems onboard to help you build tests before you enjoy the benefits of automated mobile testing.Lets start discussing top three of them

Test Complete
TestComplete is a SmartBear-designed Automated UI Evaluation Framework. It allows for web, desktop and mobile UI tests to be created, managed and executed. TestComplete allows mobile applications, both native and hybrid, to be validated. In addition, TestComplete can conduct tests on emulators, real computers or even virtual machines. This tool is flexible and easy to use, offering both scripted and scriptless test generation options.

What are the features
Supports multi platform mobile testing

Facilitates the manual composition of test in Code Editor

Supports Html, Python, VBScript, Jscript, C# and C+ +

Has a feature of record and replay with out you writing a sigle line of code
Converts all documented GUI tests and keyword-driven test scripts into supported scripting languages


Kobiton is a mobile app testing platform that allows users to create perfect mobile experiences and deliver them. It includes features such as actual system monitoring, device lab administration, development of appium scripts, and health checking appps. Live app training provides users with full orientation and gesture assistance to access individual apps within the cloud.

Users can do all of the motions, such as pressing, clicking, and scrolling, on a cloud app. Kobiton provides real-time monitoring of devices based on detailed reports, including videos, images, movements, and data on the system, such as battery efficiency and memory.

Device lab management helps users to integrate systems into a single management interface and into one typical test operation. Apps can be managed by users from a single Admin screen. Full networking assistance, SIMs, GPS and natural gestures are supported by Kobiton.

Kobiton provides Appium with comprehensive support that also links to other applications such as TeamCity, Jenkins, Jira, and Travis CI. Continuous monitoring and an enhanced remote control interface make it easier for users to spot issues via captured images and screenshots. Automated testing tools allow developers to use both apps and websites to review mobile apps.


Calabash is a platform for open source acceptance research that allows iOS and Android app testing to be written and performed.

This is an Automated UI System that enables the creation of tests written in Ruby using Cucumber.

Calabash works by enabling a mobile programme to provide automatic user interactions, such as clicking buttons, text entry, validation of responses, etc. It is possible to allow running on different Android and iOS platforms, and provides feedback and validations in real time.

The Calabash structure enables interactions within an application between UIs, such as pressing buttons, entering messages, validating responses, etc. This also includes a bridge on iOS and Android that lets you run and validate Cucumber tests.

We have listed the testing platforms that are best for testing the mobile apps and we Brillmindz one of the best mobile app development companies in dubai do test each and every mobile app that we build using these platforms