Shova is a household name in the weight scales industry in Bangladesh. We are a company, which works through the manufacture and sell of weighing scales but indeed our services are not only limited by that. We have been operating since 1999. But it was in 2009 that our journey would truly start with Shova Advanced Technologies LTD under the brand of SUMO. We started with only 19 types of scales but now our catalogue is complete with more than 50 types of scales. Not only that, we can proudly say that we are able to make any customized scales suited to our customer’s needs. We have over 135,000 of our scales currently active and running in our country. And the number is only increasing day by day. We are the first company in Bangladesh to avail the licence of manufacturing weighing scales. Not only that we are well fabricated with 14 of licences and certifications including ISO, BSTI, OMIL standard and so on that only further increase and dignify our credibility and competence. We are confident in what we are offering and we ensure our customers are left with nothing but satisfaction.Shova Advanced Technologies Limited.