Have you ever gazed at beautiful floral arrangements at hotels and restaurants and wished to have one at home. There's something special about fresh flowers how beautifully they spruce up the space. In fact easiest cheapest way to add zing and colour to home.

Whether bunches on dining table or romantic roses in bedroom corner they simply add beauty and freshness. One can buy fresh flowers but who needs expensive ones when so much variety and beauty is available in our surroundings. Yes local flowers have their own charm.

How can one resist the Awesome Allamanda, Blushing Bougainville, Fragrant Frangipani, Fiery Flaming Forest, Gorgeous Gul mohar, Joyful Jasmine, Lovely Laburnums , Magical Madhu Malti, or Myriad Mustard list is quite long. All one has to do is simply look around in your neighbourhood, streets side, gardens, societies. Moreover because of season change the distinct varieties are available round the year. And they are FREE.

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