there are masses of motives why you may not need to just come right out and ask someone whether they may be gay. perhaps you are superb curious approximately a coworker or acquaintance you are crushing on, however do not want to hazard making them uncomfortable. maybe you're just not the kind to ask humans truly private questions about their love lives, however that rarely method you don't want to know.

luckily there are plenty of little tells and behavior maximum non-open homosexual or bi guys have in not unusual, so know-how what to search for may be quite helpful in making an educated bet. the subsequent are a few precise examples to be aware of.

1. he doesn't say lots about his social life.
once in a while it is not what someone says, so much as it's what they don't say. each homosexual, bi, or queer man or woman is unique in terms of how "out" they're. some human beings are so open approximately being homosexual, that it is impossible now not to recognize, but others are lots greater non-public for any quantity of motives. many closeted homosexual guys hold very quiet approximately their social lifestyles, specially concerning who they live with or date. of course, there is always the risk they may be simply personal, but even non-public human beings usually talk about humans they're near at least some of the time or mention them in passing.

2. he speaks a little too fondly of a specific buddy.
most people have regarded a person with a equal-sex roommate or proper pal they regarded unusually near. they speak approximately them loads and in a manner that makes it hard to agree with there is no longer loads more to their courting beneath the floor. (you can actually have been that man or woman yourself and realize from experience.) if you genuinely do get the impact a person's lots extra than pleasant with a equal-intercourse bestie, there may be an excellent threat which you're right, mainly if other friends and associates share your suspicions.

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