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Ensure all your planning for Chardham tour is done in advance and it is very important for you to remember this. Choose a Chardham yatra package that meets all your necessities and requirement as a pilgrim traveller. Going on the hills during the monsoon months are not prompted because of unexpected climate changes and an overall most climate situations. Chardham yatra stays shut down for Darshan throughout the cold weather months when the whole area gets splashed in heavy snow. If you want to observe the fabulous majestic might of the surrounding Himalayan magnificence then you should absolutely go on Chardham yatra after the rainy season.

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The modern landscapes with rushed city life may have seen alterations in the current times, in any case, some age-old traditions are yet followed many ages. While we may be step by step moving to a metropolitan way of life, India is a land with deep-rooted religious beliefs.

The Chardham yatra known as the holiest and an absolute religious place to visit, is enormously huge as a pilgrimage spot. Situated at the lower regions of the Himalayas in Uttrakhand, the Chardham have to be visited together. As Hindus describe it as the Teerth Yatra, the Chardhaam yatra places are viewed as the heaven of quietness and internal salvation. It is believed that each individual should visit the four blessed shrines once in a lifetime.

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The rates change from the service providers to the package you have picked. A few packages will have hotels and food included some may not. There are so many people tend to stay away from helicopter rides for their Chardham yatra, because it is somewhat more costly than trekking or using public transport for the Chardham yatra. However, the feeling of jumping onto a helicopter and appreciate a bird’s eye view of the majestic temples and their environmental factors is unparalleled. This is the sort of landscape that will stay scratched in your memories. So, don’t stand by any more, the pilgrimage season is all prepared to begin. Book your tickets and enjoy the ride. Just give us a call at 8171675181, 8171675182 and book your Chardham yatra packages in advance.