Curtain Printing Machine has become quite popular with the increasing demand of designer printed curtains in India and Abroad. It is also known as vinyl digital printing or dvlation. A company can get their curtains digitally printed according to their own custom design and requirements. The process involves the reproduction of high quality photographs onto high quality fabrics for ultimate finishing.

Digital printing on fabric provides many benefits. It can be used for full-color large format printing on various fabrics, including vinyl and polyester. Digital printing on curtains offers a number of digital printing services such as digital embroidery, digital textiles, vinyl thread, fabric dye sublimation printing, and much more. Apart from curtains and upholstered furniture, digital textile printing is also used on cushions, mugs, plates, coasters, key chains, umbrellas, signs, logos, flyers, and many more items.

Digital printing on curtains provides the customers a hassle free option to reproduce large numbers of high quality prints in low cost. Most companies offering sublimation digital printing on fabric and upholstery have set themselves apart from the rest by focusing on customer needs. They customize the digital printing job according to the requirements of the customer. Most companies use high quality printers and quality ink to ensure that the final prints are great. The prints are produced with outstanding quality and prints are set on high quality fabrics such as polyester and vinyl. The final output is durable and has a unique appeal.

The printing company sends the print out directly to the customer. You don't have to bother about sending the print out or arranging it in any manner. You can have the work delivered right at your doorstep. Another advantage of using Digital printing on curtains is that you can have the final work incorporated with any design or theme you may wish.

There are also many companies who offer to print curtains with the help of their customers. Customers send in digital images of the design they want printed on curtains. The prints are scanned and digitized by the scanning equipment and are then offered to the company. They give the customers a choice to select the print.

Digital printing on curtains is one of the most popular printing methods used by the printing industry. The prints can be used for home decorating, advertising, business purposes, etc. Printing companies have made it possible for everyone to enjoy quality printing service at reasonable rates. Most printing companies offer different package deals which allow customers to choose quality products. Digital printing on curtains is a very cost effective method of printing. You can create amazing prints using the best technology available.

Curtain direct to fabric printing machine can be used to print applications like cushion covers, table covers, bed covers, bed sheets, sofa covers, etc.

It is very important that the machine should have head height adjustment and good capping station. Fabjet Grand is an excellent wide format fabric printer for mass production of home furnishing textiles with excellent results on cotton and polyester based fabrics.