Technology continues to advance, however, to fully realize the word ‘advanced’ - it must first be inclusive. The universal reason and purpose behind each invention are to make lives easier. But still, there are those who are left behind.

Persons with disabilities continue to struggle with various barriers. However, through Semtech LoRa gateway with the SX1301 chip, these barriers can be broken down.

Here are 3 Ways on how IoT can make the world more accessible:

  1. Assistance in Mobility

Persons with disabilities face transportation barriers; in order to address this, several apps have been created to interact with GPS and stoplights. An example of an app feature is alerting the system to lengthen the duration of the stoplight for them to be able to cross the road, and so on. By utilizing Semtech LoRa gateway, a system like this can be replicated, and in doing so, persons with disabilities are able to move more freely and deliberately.

  1. Area Surveyor

Particularly for persons with vision impairment, area surveying is an important tool but it can also be useful to those with hearing and cognitive disabilities. Semtech’s SX1301 chip and LoRa gateway are able to service them by becoming their eyes, ears, and other senses needed. This technology aids them in surveying and recognizing the area and people. Thus, they are able to overcome physical and communication barriers. At the same time, it serves as a preventive measure for them to keep away from crowded places or areas that may make them feel uncomfortable.

  1. Building Independence

Past and recent innovations that involve the use of Semtech LoRa® gateway are developments in building smart cities, offices, and homes. In relation to these developments, the further creation of smart homes can aid in making persons with disabilities more independent. Other IoT projects would include wearable devices such as the smartwatch. This invention can ease the worries of facing communication and social barriers. Wearable devices are designed to help the visually impaired by reading text out loud or translating them to braille.

The world is fast-paced, but through technology and devices like the Semtech LoRa® gateway, it can meet people halfway and even make different everyday obstacles easier to handle. Eventually, developers may find more solutions to address other disabilities. This way, no one is left behind.