With many vehicles visiting malls and shopping centers, adequate parking facilities become a major challenge. With visitors entering and leaving throughout the day and night, it becomes a unique challenge to maintain the ever-busy vehicular movements.

Although technological advancements have prompted specific trends to solve the parking problem, there are still challenges faced by parking lots. The major issues are:


A mixture of moving vehicles and pedestrian movements is the primary safety issue. The most important key is to minimize pedestrian and vehicular conflicts. Car parks in Adelaide malls have constructed ring roads to circulate between the mall and parking area. The elevated walkways crossing over ring roads help to reduce the pedestrian-vehicles conflict.


Parking lots are vulnerable to several security checks. The evolving threats in mall parking lots are a concern for the management. The main safety concerns are:

Vehicles theft: Car thefts or things kept in a car are a significant cause of concern. Burglary at shopping centers is most common, which have to be taken care of.

Bomb threats: Car lots can be a soft target for a terrorist attack. Car bombs are a severe threat to the parking lots at major business centers.

Accidents: In a closed space with limited room, accidents are quite common. Although parking lot accidents may be minor, they still result in damages and injuries.

Fire: The possibility of cars catching fire is one of the significant concerns to be watched. Irresponsible behaviors of the visitors are the prime factor for fire-related incidents.

False damage claims: Many customers try to claim their car damage in the parking lots, while their car was already damaged before entering a mall. Car parks at Adelaide use high-quality video surveillance to deal with such issues.

Access control and ticketing system failure

Malfunctioning of a parking lot is the biggest issue for the management. Shopping centers are open for long hours and every day of the week, so, the use of parking space is quite frequent. Failure of an entry system may leave a false impression to the customer with hindrance at entry points.

Inadequate information

Visitors feel frustrated when they find limited or expensive parking areas. Sometimes they even have to spend excessive time searching for a parking space as per their convenience, like adjacent to lifts, etc.

Demand for handicapped parking space

These are required close to ramps and curb cuts for the efficient use of differently-abled people.

Trends in parking at Car parks Adelaide – Convenient parking systems include:

• Parking apps to check parking space and availability and pre-booking of specific space

• Cashless payments with the minimum time taken at exits

• Signage for guiding motorists from entry to exit points

• Bright lighting for more visibility of all corners and curbs


A user-friendly parking space is a demand of the time. Well marked locations to be memorized easily help search for the area, where you parked your car. The management's prime objective should be to provide a hassle-free parking space for their valuable customers.