We know that Kotlin is the future of Android application development because of the power that programmers have to call it secure and generate reliable code. Codeine ensures that it takes less time to generate code and saves the developer time on repeating code. Kotlin guarantees quality with language developer and does not waste time on bug testing. Kotlin is capable of creating bugs and crash-free reliable applications.

The developers were very pragmatic towards Kotlin even before Google announced official support. They thought about the risks and other things. If Google changes the path of the Android system, not all applications written in unsupported language will work. But Google opened its doors for kotlin in May 2017 and increased the demand for Kotlin Android developers worldwide.

Many coders, programmers, and developers around the world have adopted Kotlin in their startups because of the convenience and compatibility with Java. So that developer does not need to learn from scratch that they can merge and compare with Java. Surprisingly, Kotlin is not only used on Android, it can also be used to develop software that runs smoothly on laptops and PCs.

Jetstream has invested heavily in making Kotlin a major programming language and has released several tools to develop Kotlin code to translate it into such a form. Apps developed using Kotlin work effectively with iOS. Kotlin is going to lead the future application development industry.

Kotlin is the future of android app development

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Companies are successfully using Kotlin for Android application development

  • Pinterest: kotlin has been introduced and is used by over 150 million people every month
  • Uber: Uses kotlin to create powerful internal tools
  • Corda: Fully Developed Open Source Distributed Ledger Platform in Kotlin
  • Gradle: Using kotlin to write build scripts
  • Evernote: An integrated Kotlin language in the Android application

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Benefits of using Kotlin

Kotlin offers a huge number of benefits for you as a developer. Some of the common benefits that Kotlin offers are:

  1. Full Java compatibility
  2. Kotlin conversion from automatic Java
  3. Increases productivity
  4. Promises secure, reliable, and good applications with reduced bugs

Technology is changing every day with the innovative demands of the digital world. To keep pace with the pace of this changing digital world, you need to choose the latest technologies built with all the latest transitions in mind.

Many companies are hiring Kotlin mobile app developers to develop the flagship native app for the Android platform.

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