When rosacea flares up, it makes itself known. It is obvious in the way your skin turns a deep angry red. The redness can come and go depending on your triggers. To some people, it is a combination of temperature changes, stress, and diet.

Look into the reason why you suffer from skin redness in Vancouver and try to avoid or minimize that. It can help immensely in preventing a flare up. By staying away from these triggers, you can also calm down the skin redness in Vancouver.

The following are also some tied and tested ways to calm down skin redness in Vancouver. If you are suffering from a flare up, do try the quick remedies:

Use a calming facial spray

In case you are outside or at work and you see skin redness in Vancouver manifesting, you should quickly whip out your facial spray, preferably one that comes with natural ingredients, and spray it all over your face. It should contain soothing ingredients.

Always have a portable fan handy

You can buy one of those portable hand-held fans that come with batteries. During those days when the temperature is just too warm and sweltering and you are not in air-conditioned rooms, you can use the fan to lower down the temperature of your skin.

Cool down with water or ice cubes

Go ahead and get yourself a cold drink. The goal is to lower the temperature of your skin and drinking cold drinks can help with that. You can also try pressing the cool bottle or can on your skin to freshen it up. If you are in a hotel or a restaurant, you can easily ask for ice cubes.

Wash your wrists with cold water

This actually helps lower your temperature on hot days and makes your entire body feel fresher. If you need a quick way to reduce the redness of your skin, you can try putting your wrists under running water.

Do deep breathing exercises

Here is another trick that you can try. When you regulate your breathing, your body automatically regulates its internal temperature, which can help with the redness of your skin.

You can also look for long-term solutions. Much has been said about the benefits of laser therapy for rosacea sufferers. Broad band laser therapy and Clear V laser therapy can all help heal the skin naturally and reduce the visibility of the veins. You can get this treatment from Skin Technique.

Try these ways to keep the redness at bay. Make sure you watch what you are eating and avoid eating food that could end up causing a flare up. Wear comfortable clothes during the summer season to avoid feeling overheated.

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