It achieved football women 's significant progress at all levels in recent years. Although this sport may be considered modern by some in the world of football, it did exist in the nineteenth century. Preston was in England the first true club in women's football in 1894, and this sport was very welcome in England.

One of the games saw between you and Kelly team St Helens for women a large audience estimated at about 50,000 spectators, witnessed in 1921 changed fundamentally in women's football, ban Football Association matches Football Women 's football , but the ban was lifted in 1971, after the establishment of the women 's football federation In 1969, it consisted of 44 clubs from England, and in 1991, FIFA launched the first international women's football championship with the participation of 24 national teams.
What distinguishes men's and women's soccer
Women's soccer and men's soccer are similar in terms of the official rules and regulations of the game.
• Because there is no difference in the level of laws and rules, the difference differs in the level, physical performance, psychological performance or technical level.
• Because the pace of women's football matches is different, acceleration tends to be slower than that of men's games.
• This is due to the fact that women's lungs are usually smaller than those of men, which may affect their strength and health within 90 minutes of match time.
• The difference between male and female body types is another physical difference between the two games, as the size of the players is smaller.
• They can provide more space on the field and provide them with more opportunities to attack the defense of the opposing team.
This is the reason why women’s football matches have a higher score than men's football.
• This explains in particular both of them the important difference between the men's and women's matches, which is very limited in media coverage of women's football matches.
What are the best women's soccer clubs?
French Football Club Lyon was ranked first in the UEFA World Football Association Rankings of the Best World Football Clubs in the past five years.
Lyon scored more than 131 points in this category, to come second in the standings.
• German Wall Club in these seasons collected approximately 103 rating points, and Seat Barcelona ranked third among the best clubs.
• It is followed by Paris Saint-Germain, then Bayern Munich in fifth place.
Women's World Cup
• The International Federation of FIFA organized an international championship to determine the strongest female soccer team in the world.
• The teams participating in this game were determined through the qualifiers organized by the federations of all continents.
• The number of teams has undergone many changes throughout history; Twelve teams were allowed to participate in the game, then the number of teams increased to sixteen.
• The number of teams participating in this tournament has been changed to 24 in 2015. In the FIFA Men's World Cup.
• The FIFA Women's World Cup is held every four years. This sporting event happened for the first time in 1991.
• The United States won the first championship.
Women’s Football in Egypt
• Women’s football and women's football in Egypt have made great progress recently, and several women's soccer tournaments have been launched in Egypt.
• By training them at the highest level and what we have said, we will learn all about the Egyptian women's soccer team.
Women's soccer is an increasingly popular sport in women's sports, and Egypt has led many tournaments and achieved good results.
• The Egyptian Ministry of Sports offers the best sports clubs and stadiums for training women’s teams.
In addition to the best coaches and sports equipment to help them train and achieve impressive results.
• The women's soccer team participated in the Egyptian national team’s matches, including the Brazil match, and Egypt won the bronze medal.
• In 1989, after the women's soccer team joined the African Confederation, a women's soccer match appeared in Egypt.
• It was one of the first matches in which the women's soccer team participated.
• Egypt was nominated as one of the eight best African countries to enter the World Cup.