I don't know if you will take the Microsoft certification exam. Recently, Microsoft is engaged in a "MVP certification talent" activity. This activity provides MVP with 10% discount coupons for the Microsoft certification exam, which can be used by MVP itself or distributed to netizens in the community. If you're going to take the Microsoft certification test in the near future, this can save you some money. The specific klik use method is.

The coupon allows candidates to register at Prometric test center or contact Prometric directly on its website and enjoy a discount when paying for the Microsoft certification exam. Candidates can use MVP certification promotion code to ask for discount coupon code, so as to enjoy 10% discount of relevant Microsoft certification examination before March 31, 2009. The coupon can be used to participate in any new certification, such as Microsoft Certified technologist (MCTS), microsoft certified it developer (MCITP) and Microsoft Certified program developer (MCPD). The coupon will last until May 31, 2009. If the candidate fails to pass the test at the first attempt, he or she can use the same certification promotion code to retest the test for free. All retests must be completed before May 31, 2009, and are subject to the Microsoft Certification retest rules. Note: coupons do not apply to the 072 series.

OK, if you want to get this coupon, please refer to the followingProcess acquisition:

1. Open http://www.learnandcertify.com/Request.aspx This website.

2. Fill in my code: cn24568f in "MVP certification promotion code", and then "enter"

3. Enter your email address in the following webpage, and then "enter"

4. Check your email, and you will receive a "MVP certification hero campaign – your Microsoft certification exam" "Your unique Microsoft certification exam voice code" is in the email with the subject spoto ccna of "voice?" and write it down.

5. Contact your Prometric test center and ask them to use this code to register for the test to get the discount. Or go to Prometric's website directly according to the instructions in the email www.prometric.com/microsoft Register and use this code to register for the exam.

Finally, good luck!


Why didn't I get any discount at that time,

even all you need drop of silver (⊙ o ⊙)!

Why do I see it now?