Chinese ODI (outbound foreign direct investments) have grown very swiftly in the last few decades, and China is now the 0.33-largest overseas direct investor in the world as the OECD (2014), behind the Japan and United States. But, Chinese Outbound Foreign Direct Investments is an incredibly new phenomenon, thus its inventory of ODI globally turned into small in comparison to different important economies i.e. China 2.3%, Japan 4.5%, US 22%. Fast Outbound Foreign Direct Investments growth quotes – which might be set to continue – must growth this proportion pretty quickly.

This fashion has already started to drawn massive attention from Chinese and foreign policymakers alike. As per the MOFCOM (Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China), China’s ODI may have surpassed inbound FDI (foreign direct investment) for the first time.

China has not been a net creditor pretty but; however, this is certain to change very swiftly. Despite data limitations which may additionally overstate the general quantity of Chinese ODI, it is undoubtedly that Chinese Outbound Foreign Direct Investment has been growing in no time, specifically for the reason that China’s ODI shares in the globe continue to be underrepresented relative to the nation's size. In specific, we consider that several problems will include the prevailing momentum behind Chinese Outbound Foreign Direct Investments:

  1. Easing of applications methods for ODI
  2. The requirement to internationalize TNCs, increase productivity and permit China’s rebalancing efforts.
  3. The want diversifies its global investment position away from reserve assets and towards Outbound Foreign Direct Investments.


This sort of government-led initiatives assist to enhance economic integration and hike up the market for Chinese goods and services abroad, all of which will open chances for Chinese companies international. After fully fletched, they will ensure much-needed capital in terms of developing countries and hike up China’s ODI stocks in the world, mostly in the construction, mining, transportation infrastructure, and manufacturing and information transmission sectors.

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