In a progressively globalized world, there is no doubt that mobile applications have improved the way how we entertain, socialize, and conduct business. And since Android is considered as one of the most popular and used app development platform, there is always a need for android application development. The main reason, why an Android app development is needed is the fact that it is accessible on several devices and electronics such as cars, smartphones, and televisions. As a matter of fact, Android apps are being built and the competition is getting intense and fierce. However, developing an app that offers every user a great experience is very important. In this scenario, the burden will be on the developers or programmers. And as what we have mentioned a while ago, the competition when it comes to developing application particularly in the Android platform becomes challenging. So as a developer, it is your responsibility not to commit any mistakes in developing apps. Actually, if you have avoided these common mistakes rest assured you will come up with an app that offers the user the best experience. Nevertheless, let us find out some of the many common mistakes that every developer should avoid when developing an Android app. Common Mistakes to Avoid. Rewriting existing source codes Arguably, one of the common mistake made by developers is rewriting an existing code. The apps in today’s day and age often share a few common features such as image loading, social logins, JSON parsing, and network calls. In fact, the majority of codes used in implementing these structures are already accessible. It means, these codes that are already made have been deployed and written couple of times. That is why rewriting an existing code is definitely a mistake that should be avoided. Adding too many functions and features in just a single app Actually, this common mistake is normally committed by unprofessional app developers because they are tempted to include all the built-in features in just a single app. As an app developer, it is important that you should always concentrate your app’s unique functions and features. And on how it will benefit the users as well. Complicated User Interface (UI) When making an app, make sure that it features an easy to use and intuitive interface. The user interface must be adapted by users with ease even though they did not read or refer to the user’s manual. Unfortunately, some developers tend to develop an app that has a complex user interface. As a matter of fact, average users or youngsters disregard apps requires them to read the user’s manual. Poor Testing One of the many reasons why some application became unsuccessful is due to poor testing. Some developers deploy codes to Google Play Store and release apps to their clients without checking it thoroughly and correctly. So as a result, some of these are apps reported with a lot of errors and bugs. In fact, these reports may possibly result in poor customer reviews and it will damage the app’s rating. That is why, before deploying make sure to run the app on different devices such as smartphones and tablets. HokuApps : A Comprehensive Android Application Development Company With several application development companies providing a pioneering technology, developing of Android applications are now easier compared before. And one of these solutions is the Android app development platform, such as one offered by HokuApps. HokuApps is an application development company that is situated in Singapore that is composed of knowledgeable and skilled individuals when it comes application development. With the help of skilled and professional developers of HokuApps you will definitely have a cost-effective Android app. Apart from that, HokuApps, tend to develop apps faster compared to other application development companies, but they are always making sure that they will come with a top-quality and excellent apps. Conclusion: As we all know, Android is considered as a powerful platform where you can develop various apps like Android mobile applications and games. That’s why avoiding some of the common mistakes mentioned above when developing an Android application is a good idea. Aside from avoiding, these common mistakes, following good and proper coding conduct is also important and recommended. In spite of everything, the difference between soon-to-be-forgotten apps and the groundbreaking app is that how fine you accomplish to avoid blunders in app development as well as how persistently you follow the coding practices. Either way, if you want to have an Android app that is capable of increasing ROI and brand awareness, then HokuApps is the answer. Related Link:- HokuApps Creates an Effective Solution for The Severely Hit Events Business During the Pandemic HokuApps Redefining Vehicle Financing Operations for ELK-Desa Benefited During COVID-19 HokuApps Facilitates C2C Selling as a New Retail Avenue for De'Longhi Group HokuApps - The Engine for Roofing Southwest's Growth to U.S. National Prominence