Der Multi Kruzer ist der neuste Multifrequenz Metalldetektor aus dem Hause Makro. Mit seinen drei verschiedenen Suchfrequenzen (5kHz, 14kHz, 19 kHz) ist der Makro Multi-Kruzer für jedes Gebiet geeignet. Zusätzlich ist dieser Multifrequenz Metalldetektor bis zu einer Tiefe von 5m vollständig wasserdicht. Another new function is the online firmware update system with which the Multi-Kruzer can always be kept up to date. High responsiveness, fast regeneration and the extraordinary selectivity of the Multi-Kruzer ensure that no objects are “overrun” with this detector. The great search depth and its ability to deliver reliable results even on heavily mineralized soils make the Multi-Kruzer one of the best metal detectors in its price range. The Macro Multi-Kruzer shows objects by means of an audio signal and conductance scale. This means that detected objects can be assigned to a specific type of metal immediately.