Your wedding is one of the most remarkable occasions of your life. Along with your big day, there come a lot of good memories that you would want to capture and save for the entire life. It’s a great idea to hire a professional photographer to capture your happy, sad and nervous moments on that special day in a camera and make your wedding truly special.

Back in the days, wedding photo albums and videos were not compulsory, but today wedding photography is one of the most essential parts of your wedding, just like the foods and beverages you arrange for the guests. No wedding is complete or successful without wedding photography. If you are in Randburg and doing a search for ‘photographer near me’, Eve Smith Productions is an excellent choice for you. Eve Smith is an award-winning studio photographer in Randburg. Photography is her hobby, passion and profession. This creative thing is in her blood already, so it’s safe to say you would get the best photography service from her. You may give her a try to see it for yourself.


I have used Eve for a few events last year, and I was extremely happy with her work. I thank my friend for this great recommendation. I’d like to pass this onto you and everyone else reading my post now. Eve Smith is a personal recommendation for those who don’t have enough time or interest to do the research and find a good studio photographer in Randburg on their own. If you are one of them and there is not much time left for your big day, you can trust me and book Eve today.

Enough of the promotion, right? Now, let me give you a couple of tips to find a friendly and reliable photographer if you have enough time left to do the research on your own.

Start with an online search

This is the pro tip that I’d give you especially in these tough times. These Corona virus-hit circumstances have forced many offline services to turn online, and the amount of online search activities have increased dramatically. Therefore, your search for a reliable professional photographer should begin with a Google search.

You can type in your desired search terms like “best studio photographer Randburg”, “wedding photographer near me’ etc. and Google will automatically show you the profiles and websites of top photographers and videographers that are optimized for the local search results. In turn, you will see a list of top photographers and photography agencies that you would like to hire for your big day.

Talk to 3 of them

The top 5 results on the Google search results page should be your potential choices, but you would need to talk to only 3 of them. This is not a hard and fast rule, but 3 works for me oftentimes. After visiting the profiles and sites of all 5 of them, you will get an idea which 3 to choose. Talk with all 3 of them individually and choose one for your wedding day photography.