The Tero Vido 3D System is a geophysical measuring device for precise three-dimensional location and localization of soil anomalies. The 3D system is based on a patented measurement technology which is developed and produced in Germany. With this technology it is possible to locate and differentiate all types of metals. The software included in the scope of delivery shows whether the located object is magnetic metals such as iron or steel or non-magnetic precious metals such as gold, silver or copper. In addition, it is possible with the Tero Vido 3D system to locate and analyze soil anomalies, and cavities such as tunnels, graves and bunkers. In addition to the exact determination of the location, this 3D scanner also determines the depth and size of the localized object up to a depth of 18m. The user interface of the Tero Vido 3D software is currently available in the following 11 languages: German, English,Arabic, French,Spanish,Greek,Turkish,Romanian,Bulgarian and Russian.