Many people out there fail to get an accurate estimate of the building cost of their house or property, which is why they face extreme challenges when they have to cut costs to stay within their budget. People usually opt to acquire standard windows rather than customized windows in these situations. However, before cutting the window openings to the exact measurements, it is better to make yourself familiar with the manufacturers’ dimensions, such as China WDMA, standard window products.

How are Windows of Standard Sizes Identified?

Some window manufacturers and retailers have windows that can be identified by whole numbers for the rough openings of standard sizes. Here, the thing to understand is that even though the window’s identifier is a real number, the actual measurements of the window are half-inch less. You can clearly understand this by the following example. A rough opening, 44 by 44 inches in size, has the window with the identifier “3838” fixed in it. The windows are 3 feet and 8 inches long in width as well as length. The identifier does not include the half-inch, which was taken off for the window’s actual size.

Why A Half-Inch Less?

You might wonder that even though a manufacturer recognizes a window by its rough openings, why does he remove half an inch from each window. The answer is simple. Before a window is installed in its rough openings, flashing materials are fitted in the corners so that when the window is fixed, it functions optimally. The flashing materials could not be equipped if the window is the exact size of the space between the rough openings. For ease of installation, half an inch is always removed from each dimension of the window. Once the window is installed, manufacturers add shims to it to become intact in its place, and the window is adequately secured to the rough opening.

Sliding Windows

While building a house, everyone can either order customized windows or take them off the shelf. Most of the window types are available through the latter method if you possess standard-sized rough openings. If you go for the off the shelf windows, you will save a lot of money since they are cheaper than the customized ones and are made in bulk. Every window has its standard sizes. If you go for a sliding window, it comes in various standard sizes such as 36, 60, and 72 inches. However, you must remember that the windows are 36 ½, 59 ½, and 71 ½.

Picture Windows

If you want to acquire picture windows, then do not worry since they come in standard sizes as well. You will have more options to choose from if you go for this type of window. Since these windows are designed so that they are fully closed, their dimensions are much broader and taller. Standard widths and heights of these windows are in whole numbers, but ½-inch is taken from each rough opening for the window’s real size.