IT support plays an important role in every company. From mobilizing and maintaining hardware to charm up new employees with the right tools to solve software problems, some modern businesses can operate effectively without continuous assistance from IT support.

This challenge comes from the acquisition nature of the software that is increasingly decentralized and more democratic. Because ease with the SaaS application can be obtained, business units and individual employees now often and quickly choose, buy, and spread software without requiring IT professional support.

This trend will continue to grow. IDC analysts predict that more than 70 percent of application spending now occurs especially in the business unit budget, not. Zylo data analysis recently based on more than $ 12 billion of cloud expenditures under management shows that 1 in 3 employees use replacement costs to obtain the SaaS application.

But while it might not be involved in any decision for the SaaS application (because each team and users now often do it themselves), they can still be expected to provide technical assistance for the SaaS application - no matter how it is obtained.

Whether the SaaS application acquisition has been decentralized unconsciously (as with its shadow) or consciously (as in the case of organizations with IT governance structures that promote team or employee-based application management), companies that fail to adapt to their growth. Changes in the risk of software ownership to flexibility of organizations needed to encourage innovation.

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Increased SaaS adoption led to an increase in IT support needs

IT support in the SaaS management environment is distributed

Enable self-service support for the SaaS application

Increased SaaS adoption led to an increase in IT support needs

Gartner predicts the Cloud Service Market will grow 17 percent by 2020 to a total of more than $ 266 billion, up from $ 228 billion in 2019. SaaS so far is the category of expenditure in the cloud market. The Gartner SaaS project will take more than $ 116 billion in spending in 2020. For most organizations, this increase in expenses leads to a larger number of applications. According to Zylo data, business average business maintains 600 applications.

And when the overall application quantity grows, as well as complexity in providing IT support. Consider the following. According to Zendesk, about 70 percent of internal support tickets reach the status of "resolved" in one touch.

However, the average resolution time takes more than 24 hours. This data might suggest that IT support may be too busy to provide faster resolution. On average, Zendesk said the internal support team handled around 500 tickets per month.

According to IT supporting HDI advisory companies, after factoring in all costs (including technology, training, and personnel salary), total ownership costs for tickets support IT $ 104. Business with IT practices that effectively prevent problems to achieve IT support can quickly reduce Related operational costs.