Anniversaries are always a wonderful thing. Especially in an organisation full of people who give the best of themselves and spend their precious years creating innovative ways to lead the growth of a company.

Yelowsoft celebrated its third anniversary this year. So all the members of Yelowsoft family had decided to make it memorable by organising an event. Yelowsoft’s 3rd anniversary was celebrated on 4th February 2021.

All the Yelowsoft family members took part in it with great enthusiasm, fun and frolic. The energy and excitement level of Yelowsoft’s team members was evident in this event. Our CEO Mushahid Khatri along with the entire management team graced the occasion and gave it a headstart.

Also, he talked about Yelowsoft’s tremendous business growth by describing that the company is having its presence in 25+ countries by the end of 2020. He further added that Yelowsoft is having more than 2,00,000 drivers on board and a staff of more than 20 people.

Apart from that Yelowsoft has received more than 12,00,000 requests and served more than 5,00,000 customers till date.

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