Every year, plenty of apps are released worldwide. According to Statista, there are over 2.87 million apps on the Google Play Store and 1.96 million on the Apple App Store.

Therefore, to stand out in the growing competition, businesses & new-age-entrepreneurs need to follow an effective application launch strategy to make their application successful.

There are many steps in the path of app creation that must be strictly adhered to before any app is released. If an application is released that is too broken from the bat, it can be difficult to recover even after the issues have been resolved.

To avoid this completely, it is here to test the app properly before release

Essential Things to do Before Releasing an App

Try each option

Most applications are not just a one-click program, but instead, guide the user through various menus to finally reach the goal they want. Every time a user navigates to a new menu, it is likely that the current route they are traveling is not working. Proper mobile app testing ensures that every option in the app is functionally tested on every device that the app is about to release. Essentially, the goal in this part of the test is to see if any options “break” the app. If everything works as expected, the app is ready to ship.

Check for performance

Even if the app is technically 100% working properly, there will not be much benefit if it completes its tasks very slowly. If the application runs slower than expected, the user is more likely to remove it in favor of the application with better performance. Therefore during the testing phase, app creators often use different types of devices with different hardware to make sure that the app works satisfactorily across the board.

Conduct market research

First, you need to do in-depth research about your audience and competitors. Check out all the features, themes, or visuals and all the competing apps that have their presence in the market. Also check for reviews posted by users on pages, YouTube, and other tech blogs.

Learn the submission guidelines of the App Stores

The reason to learn about the terms is that the leading app store stores follow strict procedures before presenting any app. If you miss it, all your efforts will be in vain as they will reject the app you have worked so hard to develop. Other than that, before launching the Android and iOS app, you should consider checking the Android and iOS app publication checklist.

Claim social media accounts on popular networks

At this stage of the pre-launch app checklist, you need to identify the social media platforms that have the largest presence of the target audience. Here, you can further divide social networks based on age. After that, you can claim the account on these networks and post regular updates about it while your app is in development. After launching your app, you can put the link in the profile bio so that users can visit the link and download it instantly.

Create visually appealing screenshots for marketing

To promote your mobile app more effectively, you need to create attractive screenshots and other visuals. Therefore, it is included in the pre-launch app checklist.

It does not matter where you want to share it with the press, social media will order anywhere else; You need to make sure that your screenshots provide clear ideas about your app.

Have a clear pricing plan

The application marketplace offers flexibility and dynamism to creators. Unlike other products, apps can make money in many ways. It is also important to consider the pricing model before publishing the app. You need to know whether to publish your application for a free, premium, or paid.

Perform optimization tasks

Optimization is another important issue that uniquely determines the visibility of your application. Store optimization is the placement of all the strategies needed to make your application highly ranked and easily visible to potential users. Before publishing an app, consider the right keywords, a strategy for good branding, and initial reviews.

Have a media re-reach strategy

As long as there is enough digital market space to get your app, you should not underestimate the benefits of promoting your app in other types of media. Making and distributing an application are only two significant advances when attempting to make a business out of your application, however, they are by all accounts, not the only advances.

Make the app shareable

Lastly, you need to make sure that you have strategies to spread your app. For example, algorithms need to be aligned to make the application easier to find. Apart from that, share buttons and social media strategy should also be implemented. At the end of the day, the success of the app is felt by the number of downloads.


One seems to create a lot more app than one might think. It’s part of the appeal. The fact that the end-user does not know what complex operations are going on behind the UI pretty much in front of their face is why apps are in the first place. The notion of why a proper application test is needed should drive home. The end-user should never worry about how well an app runs under the hood. Approach the best app development company that handles all these tasks efficiently.