Creative Product Photography can break or make your e-commerce store conversion. It is one of the most crucial parts of any product range. After seeing the product's photo, the customers will purchase it online, so if the photo is blurry or a mismatched product range, the customers will not be comfortable buying your product. They will bounce from your digital platform faster rate.

If you are starting up your own e-commerce business and can't afford a professional photographer, you will have to learn to take an E-Commerce Photography Cape Town to showcase your product online. If you are managing in-house marketing, then the DIY approach will help you create a uniform look across your social media platforms and improve your conversions.

As it has been established that your product photo needs to be a point, for that to happen, consider what your product images should relatively look like:

  • Your Niche

How are your competitors displaying their product, which is like yours? Are there are some standards which your target audience expect for certain product display? For example, in a clothing store, the product photos are front, back, and modeled shots. In food, most of the shots are from above.

Check your competition sites and see if there are shared formats to their product photography. At your site, you want to show the minimum what your customer expects.

  • Your Brand

The Creative Product Photography of your products is a chance to show them at their best. You can decide on how your products can speak to your customers through photos. Whatever style you decide, you still include a basic hi-res, white backdrop product shot. It's also the option with more flexibility across the marketing channel.

The catalog and collection pages should display all the products in the same collection, with the same type of shot.