We’ve singled out the required steps:

  • Step #1. Discover the ways to build an Android app — do it yourself, freelancers, in-house team, and outsourcing company.
  • Step #2. Research the market and study your competitors
  • Step #3. Create a list with must-have and advanced features
  • Step #4. Consider the pitfalls of creating an app for Android — material design, Kotlin, and fragmentation.
  • Step #5. Start the development process.

It’s impossible to calculate the final price without app features. To give you a hint, we provide you with approximate estimations of different kinds of Android apps. The prices are based on the average rate in our region (Eastern Europe) — $50 per hour.

  • Basic marketplace app — 842 hours — $42,100
  • Streaming app like Deezer — 833 hours — $41,650
  • Booking app like Airbnb — 927 hours — $46,350

To find out the time required for Android app development, you need to have the list of features and understand their complexity. Android applications can be roughly divided into three categories by their complexity level:

  • Basic apps (approx. 500-700 hours). They can be built quite fast, but their functionality is quite simple.
  • Medium complexity applications (approx. 700-1200 hours). These apps have more complicated features.
  • Complex applications (1200+ hours). It’s time-consuming to develop such apps for Android due to complex architecture, security matters, multiple integrations, etc.

If you need more information about this topic, you can find it in Cleveroad blog.