The recent round of NPK compound fertilizer price increase generally did not exceed the cost increase, the channel business also has the corresponding psychological preparation. In the future, the price trend of NPK compound fertilizer depends on the domestic raw material market and the global spread of the epidemic. At present, there will be no big fluctuation in judgment.

NPK fertilizer manufacturing process novel coronavirus pneumonia affected by the epidemic, the upstream of compound fertilizer raw material prices. As a secondary processing NPK fertilizer manufacturing enterprises should not only consider the start-up and resumption of work under the epidemic situation, but also balance the impact of rising raw materials on NPK compound fertilizer products, and consider the current market acceptance and the particularity of promotion and sales under the epidemic situation.

Lack of people, money and raw materials seems to push NPK fertilizer manufacturing enterprises into a dead end of rising prices. The compound fertilizer industry, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises, has been facing the challenge of industrial reform, but now they are adding new situation of epidemic situation, which seems to make the situation worse.