Functional fertilizer, also known as functional fertilizer, multi-functional fertilizer and special fertilizer, is a comprehensive fertilizer that combines all kinds of nutrient elements needed by crops with physiological and biochemical substances to promote crop growth, development, high yield, high quality, high efficiency, health and safety, and solves specific problems in a specific period of a specific crop.

Functional fertilizer has the following characteristics:
1. Complete nutrition. The functional fertilizer produced by the fertilizer production process contains a large number of elements, medium amount elements, trace elements and other nutrients required by crops. It is a comprehensive fertilizer to solve all problems in a stage by one application without any other fertilizers.
2. Medicine and fertilizer are integrated. The functional fertilizer contains not only nutrients, but also pesticides, including plant regulators, herbicides, fungicides, etc. the combination of medicine and fertilizer not only applies fertilizer, but also applies medicine.3. Accurate dosage. All kinds of fertilizers and pesticides are accurately measured according to the phased needs of crops, which not only meets the needs, but also does not waste, and is economical and effective.
4. High tech. Functional fertilizer contains all kinds of nutrients, chemicals and pesticides, with complex ingredients and precise dosage. It has strict technical requirements for the production, processing and use of organic fertilizer machine, and is the most advanced modern science and technology.
5. Convenient and labor-saving. The functional fertilizer mixes all the materials that need to be applied, such as fertilizer, pesticide, etc. together, once applied, there is no need for farmers to mix them. In addition, the shape of the fertilizer formulation is very conducive to application, which is simple and convenient to operate and time-saving.
6. Cost effective. With complete nutrition, comprehensive function and precise dosage of functional fertilizer, it can not only increase production and income, but also reduce investment cost.
7. Save environment. Functional fertilizer improves fertilizer utilization rate, saves resources and does not waste. It is very conducive to prevent soil and water pollution and protect the ecological environment.