Welcome to DPF Specialists, the number one choice for all your cleaning needs. Diesel Particulate Filters were designed with good intent to reduce particulate emissions and offer a better environment - Complete DPF Cleaning Service in Dallas.

As with any type of filter a Particulate Filter needs to be cleaned regularly to function properly. With DPF’s this is done by a process known as Regeneration which involves a combination of a Catalyst function in the system and burning the soot to gas at a very high temperature leaving behind an ash residue within the DPF.

We are confident that when you look back on this moment in a couple of months time when you have a car that feels better than brand new and is saving money on fuel you will realise you made the best. We are proud to be your top choice thanks to our reputation for reliability, outstanding customer service, and competitive pricing - Diesel particulate filter cleaning system.

We are a full-administration DPF focus, offering a far reaching scope of cleaning administrations to address every one of your issues. Regardless of whether you are searching for portable cleaning, modern off vehicle cleaning, carbon cleaning or DPF substitution. For more information, please visit our site http://dpffilter.com/