Interview with Nicolas Bazoocam

Right now there is a site that is discussing it a ton: Bazoocam! I had the chance to interview its maker, up to the interview with Nicolas:

1. Howdy Nicolas, would you be able to acquaint Bazoocam with us?

Bazoocam is a Chatroulette type site that we dispatched in March 2010 with 4 companions after a plastered night spent on the first site. We found the idea cool and we felt that a rendition devoted to francophones had potential. Today the site gets 7 million visits every month, it is an extraordinary achievement.

2. There are many chat sites, how would you advance your site?

At the point when the site was dispatched, we began by spamming all individuals we knew by means of Facebook or others to come and investigate, we thumped on however many entryways as could be allowed (news sites, magazines, and so forth) and we figured out how to get a report in the magazine Entrevue and an interview on NRJ12. From that point the traffic truly began to take off.

3. When we see your number of fans on Facebook it leaves you dreaming, your site has what number of members?

The quantity of fans likewise impress me, we guess that it is because of our somewhat youthful crowd and which will hence handily turn into a fan on Facebook. Concerning the members, we should not be a long way from the million. Be that as it may, the production of records doesn't add a specific functionalities, it principally permits you to record your scores on Tetris ^^

4. Bazoocam is an aggressive venture, do you deal with the site alone or do you have a group?

The site began, we were 5 companions in shared convenience, 2 being developed and the others working in different fields. At the point when the site took off, we had the option to dedicate ourselves to it full time until we needed to extend the group to oversee control and particularly to have the option to dispatch different undertakings.

5. A little scoop ^^, do you intend to roll out any improvements soon?

For the second the following updates will be principally etymological (Russian rendition of the site for instance), we are likewise pondering setting up an arrangement of goals with levels to open, something fun as we had finished with the little games

6. The site has enormous workers, how since quite a while ago did you take to make the site?

The site was made in a couple of days, the main rendition was extremely fundamental, we added capacities as we came. For the workers you should realize that it is p2p, the webcam takes care of are sent live between the clients and don't rely upon our worker so it is lighter than one can envision. The main thing for us was to ensure that the site was forever accessible and could deal with the times of incredible frequentation.

7. How long does the site possess you each day? Do you deal with balance yourself?

Toward the starting we directed ourselves, and with the expanding traffic we acknowledged assistance from inspired individuals who offered us help. In any case, we immediately understood that to have viable or more all consistent balance, we needed to professionalize it.

8. I give you the floor to make our Internet clients need to join Bazoocam!

If we like the idea of Bazoocam, our site unmistakably addresses an issue. Today the sites are turning out to be increasingly more local area based and the chances to converse with outsiders are progressively uncommon, I imagine that is the fundamental interest of the site, to open up your circle of colleagues a bit.