Opening a virtual store is a great strategy for those who want to sell their products or services to a wide audience, with lower operating and maintenance costs. However, the opening of the business can generate several doubts, for example, about the creation of a domain and hiring hosting for e-commerce.

If this is your case, we will help you. In today's post, we will show you the main tips for you to open a business on the internet in a planned and structured way. Check out!

Types of hosting for e-commerce

Now that you have started to have an idea of what hosting is, let's go deeper into the subject. There are different types of accommodation, from the high performance options to the simplest and cheapest ones, and, generally, the models are segmented by the available resources. Next, find out about 3 ecommerce web hosting service.

  • Dedicated server

The dedicated server is exclusive to the requesting client. It is usually built from the needs of the company with the necessary resources to serve it satisfactorily. He needs to be accompanied by specialized managers and, therefore, it can have a higher cost.

  • Cloud server

This server model uses cloud data for storage. To better understand what this cloud is, just think of a set of servers connected to each other and accessible over the internet.

  • Shared server

The shared server, as the name suggests, consists of the use of the same server by more users. This option is suitable for people or companies that don't need a lot of resources.

So, now that you have understood what your ecommerce web hosting is, keep in mind that it is very important to choose a good option, as it will have a direct interference in the functioning of your virtual store.