Build, Deploy & manage your IT assets with eMagic a complete datacenter management tool.

Inventory Management

  • Auto discovery in eMagic enables faster deployment of devices in eMagic system. Once auto discovery is done all the devices in given network are deployed in eMagic on a single click.

  • The inventory management enables users to manage IT assets like server, its detailed parts as RAM, CPU, HDD, Cards, Power Supply and so on.

  • Device Auto discovery options provide following information about device in network

    • Chassis – Manufacturer, Serial No.
    • Processor – Manufacturer, Current Speed ,Core, Type ,Series ,Cache
    • Ram – Size, Type, Speed, Serial No.
    • HDD – Type, Capacity
    • Ethernet , IP
    • Credentials, Deployment Type.

  • It provides capability of auditing & understanding exact scenario of entire network in given frame of time.

  • Management of assets in entire network become easy & a few click process.


  • eMagic provides detailed SNMP monitoring as well as socket monitoring. In SNMP monitoring all SNMP supported monitoring functions like RAM, CPU, Disk, Network, and load are monitored.

  • Socket monitoring enables users to monitor the services like Web, email, FTP, SQL or any other custom service.

  • Performance monitoring – Bandwidth, CPU, Memory, Power, Uptime.

  • Uptime Report – Current and Historical

  • Customized alert system, Alert console.

  • Service monitoring – HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3 and all ports.

  • Syslog monitoring – Monitoring any type of logs, custom files.

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