Best Putters for Beginners

One of the common items you need to play golf along with the driver, irons, is a good quality putter. A bad putter means ending with a bad game overall. It may not be as important as a driver but a good putter will help you score better than anything else. We give you the best putters for beginners, for you to choose the one that fits well with your budget and does the job right! One way to choose a great putter would be to order one that is well-fitted according to your needs and customized. In addition, the right putter will have the best size head and even better grip to hold on it firmly and comfortably.

Acstar Two Way Junior Golf Putter Graphite Kids Putter: Both for Left and Right Handed

Key Features:

  • Two way putter for both and right-handed players.
  • Made with high-quality graphite to last a long time.
  • Two parallel lines with edges to aim better.

Acstar two-way junior putter is one of the best putters for beginners or even seniors who are looking for a new one with enhanced features. With an anti-slip grip, you can be sure the putter will stay in your hand even after shooting high.

GoSports The Classic Golf Putter: Two-Way Head for Right or Left Handed Golfers

Key Features:

  • Big size with 35 inches of the shaft.
  • Comfortable and strong grip!
  • Two-way putter for any preferred angle of playing.

GoSports golf putter is made of synthetic material and weighs only a pound. You can practice with it at home and end up with better skills in the field. The shaft is very well-made with lower vibrations during shoving.

QUOLF GOLF Two-Way Putter: Best One for Left and Right Hand

Key Features:

  • Only 0.8 in pounds!
  • Both for left and right-handed players.
  • 98 inches long.

This putter is so simple yet so functional! One of the best putters for beginners and both right and left-handed golf players. Quolf golf putters are made of high-quality material and have the right shaft and alignment.

Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter: Best of the Best

Key Features:

  • Consists of horizontal lines for better alignment.
  • The inserted face makes it better when contacted with the ball.
  • More comfortable grip than ever!

Wilson Staff putter is unique looking with advanced features for a new feel! The vertical grip on the back makes it very easy to hold and shove. Truly one of the best ones out there with minimal cost.