With the popularity of cloud in operating the businesses is getting increased these
days, Microsoft azure is considered as an emerging platform in the cloud industry.
Of course, you surely have come across the word ’Cloud’ which has been a
buzzword in the IT domain. So, what is cloud technology? It is something that
makes the work simpler and helps in optimizing the operations. In fact, it is really
a boon for the business enterprises as it aids in having a competitive edge in their
niche field.
A brief look at Microsoft cloud services for businesses
The modern businesses are well aware about the impacts of problems in network
security, the business availability and the potential downtime that often sways
the major deciding bodies of the organization. Hence they have concerns and
demand towards mitigating the business operations to cloud.
Microsoft is the leading cloud infrastructure provider as a service (IaaS) and
platform as service solutions (Paas) in the name of Azure. Considered as the
second largest IaaS and Paas provider in the world, the fame gets added to azure
as is the most favored solution for those entrepreneurs who seeks cost effective,
flexible and cutting edge technology to achieve organizational goals and tackle
challenges on the way to accomplish them.
The best place for Microsoft Azure among the enterprises
The Microsoft Azure serves as better fit in storing, managing and processing the
data that are available on the network of remote servers. The organizations are
making use of cloud technologies in order to overcome the on-premise server
Azure as a cloud platform enable businesses to build, deploy, and manage
services and applications at the comfort of anywhere. Mroeover, Microsoft azure
allows adding cloud capabilities to the existing network via its platform as a
service (PaaS), or you can delegate Microsoft all of your demands for computing
and network with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Both of the option gives you

the solutions that are secure and let you have reliable access to the cloud hosted
Benefits that you can expect from Microsoft Azure
 Ideal solution for all types of businesses — Azure is well-designed to meet
the needs and demands of every business, no matter whether it is a small
local store or a multi-national corporation. It is easily scalable thus meeting
the IT needs. Moreover businesses can operate azure on a pay-as-you-go
pricing model that fits any budget. As it is possible to launch and store
internal and external applications in the cloud platform, Azure can help in
saving in-house IT costs and expenses over hardware and maintenance.
 Better Agility – If you have been trying out many of the technologies
regarding to storing of data and feeling exhausted as they are fixed and
rigid n nature, then certainly Microsoft Azure can be the excellent choice
for you. It gives you the more expected liberty that you intended to develop
the applications, test, monitor the feedback and accordingly manipulate the
applications with the development testing solutions.
 Azure Active Directory Domain services – Have been built on the same
technology just like Windows Active Directory, Azure lets the businesses
remotely manage the group policy, authentication, and everything it offers.
This allows the moving of existing security structure partially or completely
to the cloud easily in a few clicks.