Issues Receiving Email or Electronic mail is a method of communication between at least two people by means of electronic apps. You can use your mail just in the event that you have a net connection. Email servers are liable for accepting, sending, delivering and storing emails. In the case if you can't send or receive messages.

1) You have to make sure that your internet is working well.

2) Ensure that you are utilizing the correct mail server settings.

3) Then make sure that your email password is working. You can check this by sign into your account.

4) Ensure your security software like firewall or antivirus software down not make any sort of conflict.

Disable Your Antivirus Software

In the event that you have Norton antivirus in your computer system

  • Do a right-tap on your antivirus symbol on your computer.
  • After that you can pick Disable and afterward select the time limit.
  • Then you can tap on Okay.

In case you're utilizing other antivirus software:

  • You have to search for "how to temporarily disable antivirus". Follow the guidelines.
  • Now contact your antivirus software organization.

Double-check that your Mailbox is Not Full

On the off chance that it is, you will not have the option to send or receive messages until you make room.

Check your Mailbox Size Limit

We are giving you some mailbox limits of some domain here:,,,,, ,,,,,,, , and,.

o Mail size limit is 20MB

o Send To limit is 100 contacts

o Webmail send limit is 100 every hour

o SMTP send limit is 500 every hour

o IP based mail send limit is 50 per five minutes

For the size limits of other Century Link-upheld email spaces, open "How to set up your mail to experience POP3 and SMTP" and tap suitable email Id. At that point:

  • Just login to your account.
  • Make sure your mailbox doesn't arrive at the size limits of Email.

If your mailbox limit exceeds, at that point delete your old messages and make some free space.

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