Our Smartphone are arguably one of the most precious things that any one of us owns. It contains all of our personal photos, has access to all of our social media accounts, is the primary means of communication with the rest of the world, and may even have super private detail such as social security numbers, bank account credentials, and even your credit card information. Unnecessary to say, the data on our phones is very private and important, and if it be to fall into the wrong hands, it could reason you a lot of loss and damage. www.avg.com/retail free download the code with product key

How Does AVG Security Lock Operate?

Many of the applications that we employ on our phone can be access without require login or any form of passcode. This means that once the initial lock of the Smartphone has been bypassed, all of the information stored inside your apps can be accessed by the hacker. This can put you and your data at significant risk. One of the ways to protect yourself from such a situation is to use the www.avg.com/retail App Lock.

Avg.com/retail App Lock allows you to safeguard the data stored in all of your mobile applications by giving you access to a host of protective tools and features. For example, you can use the avg com retail Security App to add a 4 digit PIN passcode or a password to one or more of your applications at a time, keeping prying eyes away from your private data. The AVG code can be in the form of an alphanumeric key or a custom pattern that only you will know.

The protection can be implemented on apps such as photos, videos, or contacts and you can also apply it to apps that you have downloaded from the Play Store or the App Store. Another great feature of the avg.com/retail get the free download code with key Security Lock App is that it takes a photo of the intruder if they have failed to input the correct passcode or pattern after three failed attempts.

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How To Download And Set Up AVG Security Lock?

  • Launch the Play Store application.
  • Search for the AVG App Lock application.
  • Tap on Install.
  • Open the app once it has downloaded.
  • Agree to the License and Terms and Launch.
  • Tap Setup to view and modify the settings.
  • On the Accessibility window, locate Services and tap on AVG App Lock Service. Turn the slider towards on.
  • Set the pass code or the unlock sample you want to use.
  • Enter your email address and Continue. avg.com/registration

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