Hello Readers!! Today’s article is all about “Different Type of Advertisement Formats”. Basically these days everybody wants to earn some bucks and specially in blogging the advertisement program is one of the biggest source earnings. You can choose from a variety of web advertisement formats when choosing the ads that will appear on your blog or website. Each ad format can have a different impact on the blog or website visitors.

You may notice that users click a specific ad format more than the others. Subsequently, you can test each format and decide which is best for your blog or website based on the number of user clicks and overall traffic responding to the ad format. Generally, the ad format is an image, text, video or specific HTML page that appears before displaying the targeted blog or website or a new web page for the advertiser.

Text Ads

Text ads are text-based hyperlinks on your blog or website that advertisers buy, and when visitors click them, they go to the advertiser’s website. Text ads do not include graphical images but sometimes Include text descriptions that appear under the main link. Text ads are sold directly to the advertiser by the blog or website owner or through ad networks such as AdSense.

Image Ads

Image ads, or display ads, are ad banners that use graphic images instead of text links. Image ads are available in several standard sizes. While you can create banners without restricting them to standard sizes, it is recommended you follow the standard dimensions so you create banner areas that are suitable for different customers. Image ads attract the visitor’s eyes to a banner, often leading them to click it.

Flash Ads

Flash ads refer to banners that use Flash technology to create animated ads and motion graphics. Flash ads are more attractive than the ordinary still images or text ads. However, they do not appear in Smartphone and tablet devices that do not support Flash, which makes this format undesirable for clients targeting Smartphone and tablet users. Alternatively, some clients use HTML 5 animated ads as a substitution for Flash ads because it view able on Smartphone’s and devices that do not support Flash.

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Video Ads

As the Internet speeds increase, making it easier to use rich media such as video, many advertisers create video ads to attract users and deliver direct, interactive messages. However, it is not recommended you use a video ad more than once on a blog post or website page; otherwise it may cause the post or page to load slowly and distract the blog or website visitor.

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