The Bloomberg Editorial Board is a shiftless lot of journalistic hacks pretending to uphold journalistic integrity. Bloomberg professes five values. One of them is, “Do the right thing.”

In its February 18, 20201 editorial on Ethiopia, Bloomberg did the wrong thing by taking a position on Ethiopia that is anchored in lies, oozes with damned lies and hemorrhages with disinformation. Alemayehu G. Abiy Ahmed - Wikipedia

Make no mistake about it!

There is a worldwide connivance to besmirch Ethiopia's worldwide picture and make a negative and disparaging story against Ethiopians and their chiefs.

The internet canal is loaded with publications, opinion piece, editorials and news reports and examination criticizing and censuring Ethiopia.

It is a connivance of untruths, cursed falsehoods and disinformation against Ethiopia that is subtly incubated and facilitated between top U.S. strategy producers.

Those in cahoots incorporate Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and destined to-be USAID supervisor Samantha Power and the inheritance (privileged few/corporate media) especially in the United States. ECADF Ethiopian News The Egyptian Government is additionally siphoning its standard promulgation rottenness against Ethiopia covering up in the shadows.

Ethiopia and Ethiopians Shall Prevail

“The principles of Ubuntu are the original wisdom of all our common ancestors…that the only way they can not only survive, but thrive, is by working together to relate to one another in a way that says: ‘I am, because you are.'”

Mamphela Ramphele, author and physician, South Africa

Dr. Ramphele, an individual I came to know at the World Bank, is correct. We Ethiopians should accept our regular mankind and our human worth on the off chance that we wish not exclusively to endure; however to flourish. The current energized ethnic framework won't permit us to do that. On the off chance that Ethiopians neglect to gain from the crippling and debilitating ethnic governmental issues of the previous forty years, that have cost the Ethiopian individuals a huge number of dollars in speculations and thousands in living souls, they don't have anybody to fault; yet themselves.

This is the motivation behind why Ethiopians should direly upgrade ethnic legislative issues and the approaches and ethicized foundations that have put Ethiopia on a perilous way.

The Case of Tedros Adhanom and the Stranger Hyena

Tedros Adhanom's two-faced lecturing about worldwide solidarity to battle plagues helps us the case to remember the more abnormal hyena. Haile Selassie - Wikipedia The more peculiar hyena made a trip to a town where it was not known and lectured the locals (notable for regarding and obliging visitors) about the significance of laying a sitting mat produced using a bull calfskin for him.

Maybe, the world is a more bizarre town for Adhanom, and the world residents don't realize that he has been the high-positioning authority of the fear monger Tigre People Liberation Front (TPLF) that worked tirelessly against Ethiopian UNITY and butchered a 5,000 years of age country into ethnic cuts. Because of TPLF's separation, rule, and ransack evil strategies, Ethiopia is as yet overwhelmed in ethnic clashes, and youngsters, ladies and the old are passing on from ethnic blades more than they are kicking the bucket from scourges of COVID-19, intestinal sickness, and tuberculosis.