After the development of Smartphones and tablets, mobile apps emerged. In reality, mobile apps were instrumental in the widespread adoption of smartphones, and it has been an entirely different story since then.

Google and Apple are the two most strong rivals in the mobile app development industry right now. Despite the fact that Microsoft Windows is a competitor in this race, it is far behind. We are all aware that both the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes are already filled with smartphone apps from different categories.

As the number of mobile apps increases, they've been classified into categories such as business apps, gaming apps, social media apps, messenger apps, and on-demand apps, among others.

According to Statista, by 2019, the total number of mobile devices will be about 4.68 billion. Yeah, there are a lot of them. And, with approximately 5 million applications available worldwide, including both Android and iOS, this is a huge market that is unfathomable.

According to one statistic, social media applications rank first among the most downloaded apps, with 29 percent of users. The on-demand apps aren't far behind either. According to studies, about 59 percent of on-demand app users are men, with 55 percent of them being between the ages of 25 and 44. And, at a time when the average user uses 40 apps per month, the level of competition will inevitably increase.

We've already talked about why you should invest in on-demand apps in one of our previous blogs. We also have a good understanding of what an on-demand app is. To summarize, it is an online and instant service provider that makes people's lives easier by making their daily activities more convenient.

On the one hand, on-demand apps make our lives easier, but they also help businesses and the economy. As a result, users no longer need to call service centers and wait for a representative to offer solutions.

However, in this blog, we will examine the pertinent reasons why Android is a better and preferred operating system for on-demand app development for businesses and start-ups.

Android Apps Share is high in the market

We must first assess who our target audience is before deciding to create a mobile app. The two main players in the mobile app market, Android and iOS, have already been discussed. The numbers and figures show that the number of Android apps released in the Google Play Store greatly outnumber those available in the Apple iOS Store.

In the third quarter of 2018, the total number of Android apps was around 2.1 million, while the number of iOS apps was around 2 million, according to the latest Statista survey.

In the third quarter of 2018, according to the new Statista survey, the total number of Android apps is around 2.1 million, while the number of iOS apps is around 2 million.

Furthermore, Android has users on the European and South American continents, as well as in several African countries. The iOS, on the other hand, is mostly used in North America, specifically the United States and Canada, as well as Australia.

As a result, if you want to hit a wider target audience, Android apps are the best choice. You may also reach the general public, who are the most frequent Android users. If you want the Android app site, don't think you won't find customers in the United States, Canada, or Australia.

Lenient on app policies

Any expert will inform you that Google is a little more lenient on Android app developers when it comes to app publishing and rejection guidelines. The Play Store's approval process is much smoother, and as a result, developers don't have to stick to any rigid terms and conditions.

In addition, start-ups and small business owners who are creating an on-demand app for the first time will only have to pay a one-time $25 registration fee before the app can be uploaded. This fee reaches $99 a year in the case of Apple.

More features added

There are a few must-have features in on-demand applications, such as map integration, GPS functionality, and push notifications, that are needed to meet the target audience. This advantage is now provided by Android, which has an advantage over iOS. To track the exact position of the product, you'll need the GPS and Map features.

Easy to Customise

The most critical aspect of on-demand applications is that they must satisfy the needs of the end users. As a result, its capabilities are continually evolving as new patterns arise.

This also necessitates the developer updating the app on a regular basis in order to meet the needs of the customer. As a result, Android offers more customization than iOS.

The percentage of apps that are retained has increased as app modification has become easier.

The advantage of google assistant

Voice assistance in the form of Google Assistant is also available on Android. You have access to a number of data points, making Google Assistant more powerful and reliable than Siri.

The data is encrypted simply by saying the command to Android users. Customers would find it much easier to browse for a specific item as a result of this.

Data Storage

When you create an on-demand app and publish it on the Google Play Store, you get the added bonus of cross-platform support as well as 15GB of free storage. You can save the details in Google Drive. Furthermore, in addition to Google Drive, Google has its own cloud storage, making data access easier.

Since on-demand applications typically have vast quantities of consumer data as well as revenue produced from purchases, you'll need a large storage facility.

Support Of MultiLanguages

Since it is based on the B2C model, the on-demand software must also support multiple languages. The fact that Android supports nearly 100 languages, compared to just 34 languages on iOS, is a big advantage.

Android Devices have more memory

Another persuasive argument to go with Android for your next on-demand app project is that Android devices have more memory. As a consequence, you don't have to be worried about the apps' large scale. The micro SD card can also be used to handle the memory.


These are the reasons for choosing the android platform as the preferred choice for on demand apps and we brillmindz are one of the best mobile app development companies in dubai who can develop on demand apps with our expert team of developers