When we are the bread earner of the family then there is always a question in mind, what if something will happen to us? Who will take care of our loved ones in the hour of need? There are many life insurance policies but, it is never easy to settle down at one insurance policy easily. We try to choose the best for our loved ones in our absence. Term insurance is the best answer to such situations. Term insurance has turned to be the most popular form of life insurance in past years. People relay on Term insurance easily as they offer high cover for low premium amount. Most of us do not have any idea about life insurance and we experience it to be confusing and time-consuming, but term insurance is the most simple and pure form of life insurance plans. Term insurance plan can be bought both online as well as offline. There is a slight margin in the prices also, that is why people get more confused whether to go for online or for offline. Let us discuss the pros and cons of online and offline insurance options so that you can choose more accurately.


Technology and techniques are advancing so much that we depend on most online technologies for doing our every work from dusk to dawn. Buying an insurance policy online is very easy.

Premium amount of online term insurance plan is also 30-60% cheaper as compared to the offline policies. The average sum assured is also high in online insurance policies because of the low overall cost and zero mortality risks. Online, Payment of premium amount is also secured and flexible

You can compare various term insurance policies in just one click and choose the best for you. You do not have to pay any amount to agents or run behind them to gather information, you can easily access all the information about your Term insurance in one go. Agents can offer you only those insurance policies in which they have their benefit despite looking at your point.

You can easily go through the claim settlement ratio of your insurance company online. You can easily get the actual figures but if you contact agents they make an offer you different figures just to affect and manipulate your decisions towards their biased company.


The offline method is preferable by the old generation who do not rely on online method as they do not find it trustworthy.

Most of the people do not understand formalities of filling the form online and that is why they need offline agents to fill their policy forms also that their claim does not get rejected at the end.

Imagine you have all the knowledge about your policy plan but you meet an unfortunate death. In your family, there is no one who has knowledge about the insurance policy. How they will make claim and get the sum assured? This is where the offline agents come to the rescue and help them in all the procedures.

If you have any problem offline then you can contact your agent directly and he/she has to look for an answer. You can be tension free from calling or emailing the insurance company.


Everyone looks for something different. You can choose as per your convenience whether to buy insurance plan online or offline. But, online process of buying and accessing term insurance is much easier, direct, cause less paperwork and it has high transparency. You just are honest about your requirements and you’re all required information, online or offline you will get the benefit for sure.