The Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies within the world and this can be evident from the rise in Small and Medium Enterprises in India business area India shares with the globe. Except for the massive business homes, the $64000 contributors towards the economic process are the tiny and middle-sized enterprises happiness to totally different industries.

To learn regarding totally different business sectors of SMEs in India. There's no higher place than a b2b business directory, wherever these businesses open their doors for the globe. Considering the recognition and rate of growth of companies, here are a few lists of small and medium enterprises in India: -

Foods and Beverages

The foods and beverages are one of the Small and Medium Enterprises trade in India that has gained quality within the past 3-4 years, chiefly thanks to the dynamic fashion and feeding habits of the people. A rate of growth of 7.5 % predicted between 2009 and 2013 to create a 330 billion trade by 2013.

IT Industry

The information technology sector of India is predicted to extend by 14.1 % from 2009 to 2010. And this industry is in most demand and everyone is engaged in this industry, especially in the digital world.

Health trade

Due to an enormous totally different within the tending prices in India and therefore the western countries, the health trade of the country is experiencing a growth in terms of business. The analysis shows that the present 35 billion trade will touch the figure of 75 billion in 2012 and 150 billion greenbacks by the year 2017.

Textile trade

Textile trade of India may be a globally supposed b2b sector. The overall textile exports from India contribute to 27% of the overall exchange. Cotton, silk, jute, woollen, hand-loomed and readymade textiles are the most segments one will notice in an exceedingly international Indian b2b business directory.

Construction trade

Accounting towards 11% of India's total GDP, the development trade is a businessperson of assorted raw materials to the globe. The cement trade may be a vital contributor during this class.


Indian handicrafts relish a good demand within the foreign markets like those of the USA, UK and Australia. Picket handicrafts, jewellery, handwritten textiles and crocheted products are a number of the most segments that bring the exchange of the price of three billion dollars to the country.

Banking and Insurance

Investment banking, credit cards, mortgage and insurance products are the segments that contribute towards the expansion of the banking and insurance sector of the Republic of India. And this sector is one of the main contributors to Small and Medium Enterprises in India.