Summer car care is extensive in comparison with other seasons’ car care. The car demands your regular attention, failure to which your car may make you wait at the roadside under the scorching sun.

There are certain tips you can practice at home to keep your car fresh. Like, washing the car every day, protection from direct sunlight, regular checking of the entire car, etc.

It is effective as well as time-consuming. If you are an occupied person, you may hardly spare time for your beloved car. And, this is when professional car care comes to rescue.

Professionals offer extensive services, not only to protect your car from UV rays but also to enhance its showroom shine from inside and outside.


No one likes Summer’s extreme heat. As the Ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause direct harm to skin and in the same way, it can cause irreparable damage to your car’s paint and its internal parts.

Let us look at the professional care your car needs in the summer. Also, we are here to give you free tips to protect your car at home, so buckle up.

How will you safeguard your car this summer?

  1. Oil and Oil Filter:

If you haven’t changed your oil in a while, then this is for you. Irrespective of the weather, the oil and at times the oil filter, needs your attentiveness.

The oil unblocks the way for the smooth functioning of engine parts, and the oil filter arrests the dirt and grime. With a deeply cleaned oil filter, your car picks cleaner oil. Better the car oil filter, better the engine.

If you are thinking of driving without an oil filter, then the severe engine damage is inevitable.

  1. Windshield Protection:

Extreme sunlight directly affects the windshield, which may result in cracks. The switching temperature from within and outside of your car can worsen the windshields due to high-pressure.

A partially damaged windshield affects harshly as the temperature changes. It is the glass’s nature to contract in winter and expand in summer.

We suggest our clients to handle windshields with great care.

And immediate replacement of the partially damaged windshield.

  1. Tyres

In Summer, maintain the car pressure thoroughly. On long trips, check the tyre pressure regularly. Low tyre pressures influence the fuel economy. Discuss with an expert if you are unaware of your tyre’s condition.

To beat the summer heat, wash your tyres regularly. Also, look for the sign of wear and tear. We advise waxing the tyres to protect from the summer heat. It will also expand the longevity of your car’s tyres.

  1. Car Paint

There is nothing more harmful to your Car Paint and polish than the Sun’s UV rays and the dirt and grime. The best solution to protect the paint is with the cover. But you can’t always store your car aside.

It is feasible to maintain your car’s paint through car wash regularly. Routine maintenance does wonders to your car.

But what’s more? Regular washing is not enough. In summer, get the premium coat of wax to save the showroom shine from deterioration.


Car’s are high-maintenance, even more on hard summer sweating days. Cars are severely affected due to the negligence of the owners. The least you can do to shield your car is cover it. If your car needs reparation, we recommend no delay.

If you are running out of time, professional car care is always ready to provide their best car services.