5 Ideal inn Guest House in Karachi

Close, to Mazat-E-Raz and (2.8 miles), a well-loved Karachi landmark Ideal inn Guest House offers excellent guest accommodation. Hotels in the area are not to be missed, with some excellent discounts on popular hotels like the Four Seasons and the Taj Mahal. Ideal inn Guest House offers a wide range of guest houses and apartments, from small family-run accommodations to larger complexes. All are fully furnished with basic amenities. A relatively small and quiet place, this Guest House in Karachi makes an ideal Inn for a small family.

From the moment you step out of your Karachi guest house, you are transported into another world. Welcome, the beautiful white picket fence surrounded by lush greenery makes this the perfect starting point for exploring the many attractions of this city. Directly on the border of Pakistan and India, it is quite possible that your stay in Pakistan may extend beyond those two countries, since there are direct flights from Islamabad and New Delhi to Karachi every day. From here, there are a number of sightseeing tours to include in your itinerary. Or if you wish, after enjoying your stay at the guest house and exploring the surrounding areas, you can make arrangements to travel to the Agra Fort and the World Heritage Site at the heart of the city.

There are no special prerequisites to stay at Ideal inn Guest House in Karachi; anyone staying at an Inn or a hotel will find all of the modern comforts available. The lovely swimming pools, a lounge and a restaurant provide entertainment after a long day of shopping or sightseeing. To make your stay even more comfortable, arrange for a driver to drop you to and from the airport as well as pick you up at the guest house.

In addition to the swimming pools and a restaurant, the hotel boasts two fitness centers. One is just outside of the front door and the other is located within walking distance. Both offer great workouts and a nice change of pace for those who are a bit more adventurous. You can choose between one of the facilities each day or take advantage of the others, as the case may be.

At this establishment, there are ample opportunities for meeting and greeting new guests as well as enjoying quality time with your immediate family. You may want to start the day with a welcome drink at the bar and then enjoy a round of bowling, snooker or billiards. Once the night winds down, kick back and relax with an assortment of wines and cocktails.

The kitchen at Ideal inn Guest House in Karachi offers modern appliances and cutting-edge recipes, inviting you to try some of their special dishes. If you are feeling hungry, stop into the diner section and check out the local favorites. You might want to try kebabs, Pakistani specialties, Indian samosas and other traditional favorites. Or head over to the buffet for some American dishes or European fare. If it's pizza you crave, it's close by as well.

This five-star hotel boasts two restaurants on its premises. The Hyatt Regency southwest downtown and the Fairfield Inn & Suites north of Lahore can entice you with their enticing dining options. Both feature award-winning chefs and boast entrees that will have your taste buds begging for more. On occasion, these restaurants will open their doors to the public for special events and parties. Check in to stay one step away from the action.

At the hotel itself, you will be treated to elegant dining options including an award-winning wine cellar and an upscale lobby bar. For convenience, the guest house has a supermarket nearby. If you feel like shopping, stop in to the Samsara Plaza Mall in Islamabad West. Your kids will enjoy the pedicure, manicure and day care services that await you at this international standard hotel. You won't have to worry about where to eat after you're done with the city, since your room provides you with a free WIFI internet connection so you can stay connected to the rest of the world.