A windows dedicated server is a physical machine totally exclusive to run a website or application. Unlike shared servers and even virtualized servers, Dedicates do not share resources such as memory and storage with any other website. Thus, with an exclusive environment and administrative access to the server, you can configure and install systems at will, distribute resources between your sites as you wish and even create your own hosting reseller.

A windows dedicated server is ideal for web projects with a high volume of traffic and a high demand for performance and processing capacity such as e-commerce stores, marketplaces or portals with a large number of accesses. In addition, this type of server offers a multitude of uses: you can configure a dedicated firewall, build private test servers, applications or automations, create databases, and perform system maintenance, monitor services, back up files and much more.

One of the main advantages of windows Dedicated Server Hosting is that it offers a familiar environment for users. Its use is more intuitive and saves time compared to other distributions, such as Linux. Windows Server is adapted to the needs of companies that want to focus on their activity.

The scalability of servers and, more generally, of your company's infrastructure is a central point in choosing your products. Windows Server natively offers several solutions to keep up with the evolution of your needs. It optimizes the use of disk space, RAM, CPU and bandwidth of your servers.

Windows Server operating system has an elaborate security system, which allows limiting to the maximum the intrusions and the damages that can be caused in its infrastructure. The applications are isolated to protect, for example, its critical databases and network is controlled to a maximum of security. Ideal for hosting your professional web applications, it also has backup systems.