It seems more and more natural to go to bed with a doll

About sex? More interesting than "sexual motivation" is the emotional view of "doll forum" users: a man said he just couldn't get along with a woman, and all his data was messy. The next one complained that he kept coming back to this woman. The friendship zone is over, but I really look forward to love and company: "Of course, I can spend the rest of my life looking for things I can't find, or choose a choice that can at least partially bridge the gap.

It shows that a person is a social person who desires warmth and care. Therefore, it is not surprising that "more than half of the survey participants cited "loneliness" as a purchase motive, more accurately 58.3%. The founder of Gutdolls proposed another direction for cheap sex dolls: many people just don't want to date. For example, because they don’t get along with the opposite sex or feel uncomfortable when dating.

Final thoughts. Sex dolls are no longer socially unacceptable. Today, we expect people who use sex toys and dolls to give up sex. You don’t want to continue to contact the wrong person, you just want to wait for the right person. When your ideal partner appears, the car will take you to the right place. And because you experimented, you will know them when you see them.

During the holidays, sales of sex dolls are increasing due to COVID-19 restrictions. It sounds crazy, but sex dolls that look like real people are becoming more and more popular. According to various stores, in the first two months of this year, most of us spent some time in strict corona isolation, and orders surged. The current sales figures of real doll supplier Gutdoll also surprised us: the demand for single men has more than doubled, but the hit rate for women has also increased by 15.8%, and couples have even increased by 33% and 2%. Therefore, it seems more and more natural to go to bed with a doll.

The only question that arises is: why? Where are the attractions? Hidden sexual fantasies? Blond male sex dolls (and all other varieties) are essential. Sex toys and dolls are a healthy and natural way for individuals or couples to indulge their imagination. Dolls are especially popular for succumbing to unfulfilled desires. This is an opportunity for partners to explore beyond the relationship without compromising the integrity of monogamy.

The blockade has contributed to an increase in sales of sex dolls. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, sales of a sex doll company have increased significantly, and the sales manager said that the company expects a large number of orders during the holiday period. Gutdolls’ sales manager said that since the pandemic, people’s interest in his products has increased, and Germany is one of the countries with the largest demand for sex dolls. Social distancing and self-isolation have caused many people to become bored, stress and sexual frustration increased.

If you feel lonely and bored and want to solve your physical needs, then you can try to buy a sex doll. If it is the first purchase, then you can try to buy a mini sex doll, a small doll, because it will be more convenient For you, of course, you can also choose a custom option to customize a full-size sex doll. I believe these sex dolls will meet all your fantasies and needs.