You might want to get the perfect engagement ring for your partner, but the problem is that you cannot simply make the right choice all by yourself because there are a lot of choices in this league. There are hundreds of different types of engagement rings in the market, and finding the right one suitable and elegant for your partner’s hand can be a real pain in the ass. A wedding is a memorable and exciting event, but it also causes a lot of stress when shopping. In this post, we will help you eliminate some of the stress you might be going through because of the selected ring.

How to choose the perfect diamond for your engagement ring?

If you are facing some trouble finding the perfect diamond for an engagement rings, you don’t have to worry anymore, as here we have listed out the steps that would help you make the right choice. While selecting the diamond, you must focus on the 4Cs.

The perfect diamond selection after considering the four Cs

Here are the 4 “C” that you must focus on while buying a diamond or a ring.

  • The cut is the most important thing in the diamond. The cut is the most influential part of the purchase decision as it adds sparkles to the diamond and makes it more appealing. The better the cut would be, the more would be the price of the diamond.
  • Color is the next C that you must focus on while selecting the perfect diamond for an engagement ring. The lesser the color would be, the better its grade and the more expensive it would get. A perfect diamond should have no color stains on it and should be extremely clear as crystal.
  • Clarity is the next most important thing that would help you decide the best diamond. This is the tiniest thing that you must look for in the diamond.
  • Carat weight is the next thing that you must look out for a while to select the perfect diamond. The weight of the diamond adds to its value and would increase its price. The most common size purchased for rings is one carat.

Furthermore, you have also to check whether the diamond you are selecting is certified or not. You must always go for the diamonds and the rings that are certified by the jeweler.

Perfect choices when it comes to the selection of a diamond ring!

Out of hundreds of different styles and designs of rings, we have picked up the trendy ones. You can easily decide the perfect ring from the below-listed choices.

The classic six-prong diamond engagement ring

Solitaire rings are perfect if you want to make a timeless, simple, and elegant choice. Solitaire rings are very expressive when it arranges the diamonds. The six-prong style is best because it compliments the event the most. You would see six pointing sides holding a prominent diamond in the middle in this type of ring. You can, but the six-prong solitaire ring in 14K, 18K, 22Kg gold, or you can also go for silver & platinum rings with diamonds. You must know that you can get the famous six-prong ring somewhere between the $300 and $5000 price range.

Four-Prong diamond Comfort-fit engagement ring

This is another timeless design that you can go for. Like the ring mentioned above, this one is also a perfect choice. This is a bit simpler than the six-prong design, and as the name tells us, it would only have four prongs and a center diamond to complement the ring. This type of engagement ring is known to be best for couples who are looking for setting a modern and contemporary design. The best thing you should know is that you can easily customize this ring style if you relate to an expert jeweler. If you want to get this perfect ring, you must simply have to pay somewhere around a hundred to two thousand dollars.

Round Pave Halo diamond engagement ring

This is also among the popular choices you can make when proposing to your loved one. This ring is immensely popular across the globe, and the reason behind this is that it can cater to different diamond cuts. You can easily accommodate a cushion, emerald, and radiant diamonds in this type of engagement ring. The round pave halo engagement rings can be purchased online in different virtual stores. You can choose your diamond style and choose the gold color from white, yellow, and rose gold. You can also make the round pave halo ring in platinum.

French Cut pave blue sapphire engagement ring

This type of ring can cater to a big diamond of your choice in the middle surrounding it with a spiral of sapphire stones. It is known to be best for round-cut diamonds. The ring is extremely popular, and this is only because of its elegant look and appealing finish. You can get this type of ring for somewhere under $4000.