As hundreds of applications are launched every day, the competition to deal with them has become very challenging. Testing and developing the app is still great, but meeting the daily challenges and new needs of customers can prove to be a big task and problematic in the future.

Every app owner launches an app with the hope of getting maximum profit and most apps work well to bring amazing results to businesses. But, the reason why the brightness of these applications fades after a while is that it also affects the overall benefits.

The main reason is the introduction of thousands of such mobile apps that appear on the web every day. In these new bright mobile apps, the old mobile apps are very often buried and even lose the power to attract the target audience.

It is important to know the exact timing when your application needs some redesign. Change is always good and good, and users can get bored without the change that the app provides because it is an app that users use on a daily basis.

If you want to get the maximum value out of your app, it is important to know the reasons why your app actually needs a full redesign.

When do you need to redesign your application?

Let’s take a look at the times you should consider redesigning your application:

Less traffic

If the amount of user traffic on your app is slowly declining, you should take this step by not using or deleting the app for days. Limited traffic does not help to cope with the competition, it does not give you any revenue.

Adding more social features

If your application does not run on social features, it may be an application redesign as social networking platforms are now ubiquitous. A quick link to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all other social networks should be given directly in your app so that if a user wants to share anything directly from the app to the social networking site, he can do so without any hindrance.

Evolution of production

It recognizes the point of an application that requires good practice and redesign. The product development team will help find it. If the factor requires some redesign or the entire application needs to be restored you must ask the team for inputs. You need to take into account the changes taking place in your industry and make changes accordingly to get the best results.

Online presence

It is important for any company to experience its online presence. If you want to redesign the entire app, you need to be sure of the changes you want to make so that the app does not perish in the next 3–4 years, instead, you want to be here to stay at the top of the competition as long as possible.

Users will not find the app worth using

The main reason that forces you to redesign your app is the negative feedback from users. You will not usually find these negative views on the portal. But, when you search the best app review websites and the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you will see how people find your app the worst and best app to use.

Older app design

In general, your app is old and gives users a strong reason to uninstall it all at once. Why should people use your app before launching a wonderfully designed newly launched app? This means that your app is outdated and requires a huge step in redesigning the mobile app.

Application migration to another platform

Sometimes, the application does not perform well on the current platform, which requires a quick platform migration. When application migration is required, the overall application interface and functionality may also change. Application redesigns can be redesigned with a strategic plan that includes platform migration, advanced feature integration, and functional updates.

Users struggle

When a user struggles to find an app and is confused about where to go and which page to navigate, you should know that the life of such an app will not last long. You need to consider the timing of the changes and the redesign. Make sure the app is tracking what the user is looking for, and then only make new additions. However, features that are not used at all should be removed from them.

How to redesign your application?

Let’s understand the process of redesigning a mobile application with the help of the following points:

Study your application analytics

Analyzes are the best way to make your app grow and make issues visible. It gives you ways so that you are aware of the progress and negative impressions of your app. Analytics have different factors that tell you the performance of your application.

Communicate with the audience to get insights

It’s again a masterstroke to communicate directly with users about what needs to be integrated with an application. Surveys are always the best alternatives to get customer insights about an app or product.

Check out competitors and market trends

Market competition is a great reason to encourage app owners to update their products to meet the needs of consumers. If you decide to redesign your app, you should check out why the competitors’ app gets great recognition among users.

Fix bugs if necessary

You may encounter errors after performing the application test. Maturity lies in fixing these flaws to provide a flawless experience for customers. Bug fixing is a common practice that app developers always follow during application development or redesign.

Advantages of application redesign

a) Increased conversions
b) More loyal customers
c) Advanced usage
d) Proven to meet customer expectations
e) Gives a new cool look to your product


App redesign is an important step and every mobile app development needs a new perspective. If you do not want to be left behind in the competition you need to make changes according to the latest trends.

You can follow all the methods to give that new look to your app. This will allow you to stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, you can also get inspiration from popular apps that go for redesign after each fixed break.