Peak shaving gas systems enable natural gas utilities to mitigate the effect of erratic fuel consumption demands, as well as sudden supply shortages, by supplementing natural gas fuel with Substitute Natural Gas (SNG) during periods of high demand.

Substitute Natural Gas, also known as propane-air or Synthetic natural gas is formed by mixing vaporised LPG with compressed air. Substitute natural gas has almost similar properties to natural gas and can be used to replace natural gas if appropriate.

Peak shaving gas facilities mix Substitute natural gas and inject it directly into the natural gas delivery grid as required to supplement natural gas volumes delivered by LDC suppliers. Peak shaving facilities are enabled when appropriate to reduce peak demand and prevent penalty payments for overruns.

Required Equipment For Peak Shaving gas plant:

Peak shaving gas plant equipment is almost similar to standby plant equipment, except with the inclusion of a controller that limits natural gas usage to a pre-determined cap. If the limit has been met, the machine will begin feeding SNG into the natural gas stream to supplement natural gas volume and reduce demand peaks.