Whether you’re an experienced vaper or someone newly introduced to e-cigarettes, you might have heard fellow vapers or friends talk about “the throat hit”. It’s an experience that makes you realize the true flavor and capability of your e-cigarette. If you’re reading this term for the first time, need not worry because this article will cover everything, including what it means by a “perfect throat hit” and how to achieve a perfect fit every time you enjoy your favorite vape flavor such as a Berry Blast Vape E-Juice.

What’s Exactly A Throat Hit?

When you inhale the vapor from your e-cigarette, it hits the back of your throat and the cessation is known as a throat hit. Not every throat hit will provide you the same feeling because vaping involves a wide range of variables that may shape your experience. Anything including the type of e-cigarette, mods, setup, and e-liquid, can make a difference in your throat hit. On a macroscopic level, throat hit can be classified in two different forms – strong and weak.

While a strong throat hit makes you feel an instant kick back on your throat while inhaling the smoke, it’s almost similar to the sensation caused by a traditional cigarette. If you’ve never experienced a strong hit before, you must know that it’s perfectly enough to make you cough for the first time. On the other hand, a weak throat hit is the opposite of the former hit. Instead of an immediate kickback, you’ll feel the vapor going down smoothly on your throat.

3 Fool-Proof Ways to Get a Perfect Throat Hit

Try adjusting these variables of vaping to achieve the most effective throat hit you’ve ever experienced:

  • Increase your nicotine strength

Nicotine is the most direct thing that affects the hit on your throat. The rules are quite simple – the more intense you want your throat hit to be, the more nicotine your favorite Berry Blast Vape E-Juice needs to contain. However, if you’re someone looking to quit nicotine dependency, this might not be the best match for you.

  • Tweak your power configurations

If you’re using an outdated bogged version of an e-cigarette, you might not be able to do this. However, if you’ve got a technologically-advanced vape with an adjustable power setting, you can easily use it to increase the likelihood of getting a perfect throat hit. The golden rule of thumb, the more intense you want your throat hit, the greater you need to keep the power.

  • Experiment different flavors

Flavors also have a great impact on the intensity of your throat hit. Therefore, if you smoke mango ice daily, give it a break and Buy Blast Vape E-liquid for a change. Moreover, the addition of menthol in your desired flavor can also help you boost the intensity of your throat hit. Keep trying new flavors to find what works the best for you. If you’re looking for a weak throat hit, you may consider choosing flavors like chocolate or coffee.


With the above tips in mind, you can easily make sure you get a perfect throat hit every time you inhale a vape. For a wide range of exciting e-juices, make sure you check out the range of vape juices available at The Finest.