Seedboxes for the most part utilize the BitTorrent convention, despite the fact that they have additionally been utilized on the eDonkey2000 organization. Seedboxes are typically associated with a high velocity organization, regularly with a throughput of 100 Mbit/s or even 1 Gbit/s. A few suppliers are trying and offering 10 Gbit/s shared workers, while others are creating different frameworks that will permit clients to scale their requirements on the fly. When the seedbox has a full duplicate of the records, they can be downloaded at high paces to a client's PC through the HTTP, FTP, SFTP, or rsync conventions.

This considers obscurity and, as a rule, eliminates the need to stress over share proportion. More costly seedboxes may uphold VNC or Remote Desktop Protocol, permitting numerous well known customers to be run distantly. Other seedboxes are particular reason and run an assortment of downpour explicit programming including web interfaces of famous customers like Transmission, rTorrent, Deluge, and μTorrent, just as the TorrentFlux web interface customers. Versatile interface uphold is additionally offered by customers like Transmission.

Seedboxes on rapid organizations are ordinarily ready to download enormous records in no time, given that the multitude can really deal with a particularly high transfer transmission capacity. Seedboxes by and large have download and transfer velocities of 100 Mbit/s. This implies that a 1 GB document can get done with downloading in less than two minutes.

That equivalent 1 GB document can be transferred to different clients in a similar measure of time, making a 1:1 offer proportion for that individual record. The capacity to move documents so rapidly makes them appealing to the P2P people group. As a result of the referenced high rates, seedboxes will in general be mainstream when utilizing private downpour trackers, where keeping an offer proportion over 1 can be vital.